€ 80,000,000


Thursday, 18-07-24



Woman who did not have enough money for her daily cup of coffee wins € 20,000,000

Most people need caffeine early in the morning to get through the day, but a woman from Amsterdam could not afford it for a long time.

Her struggles are over and she can drink all the coffee she wants after winning an amazing € 20,000,000 windfall.

Netherland lotto enthusiast collects a jackpot of € 76,000,000

Netherlands4D improves hundreds of lives each year with its great prizes, and a lucky player bet has recently joined this lucky group.

The single-ticket holder agreed on Friday evening with all winning numbers to score a spectacular windfall of € 76,000,00

Win a staggering € 80 million jackpot with Mega Millions Max

Netherlands4D continues to amaze us with its record-breaking jackpot worth € 80 million, but we're still waiting for someone who does the impossible and takes home.

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